Possible solutions


As we have alpha version of SDK almost ready. I have couple questions on which I couldn’t find answer elsewhere. I find that many people from Lisk community are interested in this topic as that is last missing part and the most important one.

My questions below:

  1. What is current stage of research?
  2. What are viable solutions considered at this moment by Lisk Research and development team for cross-blockchain communication?
  3. What happens and how it will be handled in case of Lisk chain rollback in case of fork?
  4. How and if, Lisk sdk is going to handle LSK token transfer into blockchain app?
  5. If and if yes, how Lisk sdk is going to provide functionality of autonomous vaults acting on specified transactions transmitted ? sort of, DAO.
  6. Any idea how long it can take to have these features in SDK?


Hi @thepool,

First of all, thanks for your involvement and contributions to Lisk. Please note that the purpose of this forum is the discussion of well-founded improvements of the Lisk protocol (see the forum guidelines). As you may know, we have Lisk Chat for technical questions about Lisk or blockchain technology. That is also the place to exchange ideas among community members until said idea is mature enough to have its own thread in this forum.

The Science Team is primarily working on projects according to the roadmap on which you can see most of your points. We cannot really give specific details on the advances of our research and we will publish a proposal when we think it is ready for review. We also cannot make any predictions as to when new features will be implemented.

Rest assured that this forum is the first place a drafted LIP will be posted for scrutiny and discussion. Keeping threads centered around LIPs will help this forum stay organized and make information readily available to someone studying a given argument.


Hi @IkerLisk,

I tried learning about status of this research on many different social channels, contacted different people from Lightcurve and last advise I received is to write here. It’s pity that it’s so hard to get any information in decentralised project, funded by people and community whom supported Lisk for long time. It’s almost as hard as dealing with big corporation and I ask why?

Right now, many people from community think that LiskHq/Lightcurve have no idea how to build solutions mentioned in my initial post. Not sure if you guys want to uphold that view among crypto community. I do believe that you guys have some concepts, but I have seriously no idea why LiskHQ is going in that weird, corporate style type of work. It would be nice to finally get some insight on how Lisk SDK is going to work with main chain.

I’m not asking for Lip here or anything as detailed as lip, just casual conversation about technical solutions surrounding inter-blockchain communication / autonomous vaults. This is most important topic, without that Lisk is useless even with alpha sdk and one click blockchains.


I understand your concerns but as I mentioned before, this forum is to propose new ideas and improvements for the Lisk protocol and not exactly to comment on timelines, workload or work details of a certain team.

I am closing this thread now but I will try to give a comprehensive answer to your concerns at Lisk Chat.

See you there,