Uniform ordering of delegates list

Dear Lisk community,

With this email I want to kickstart the discussion and gather your feedback regarding the LIP "Uniform ordering of delegates list". You can find a short summary of the LIP and link to the LIPs repository below.


This LIP addresses two issues affecting delegate list uniformity found within the reference implementation of the Lisk protocol. It proposes a way to uniformly order the delegates list by hashing each delegate’s unique identifier together with a unique identifier for the round.


Iker Alustiza
Cryptographer, Lightcurve

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I opened a pull request to use the delegate address instead of the delegate public keys in the shuffled lists. This way the list will be smaller and still preserve the same properties.

This pull requests also update how the round unique identifier is chosen to make it dependent of LIP-0022.

You can read all the details here: https://github.com/LiskHQ/lips/pull/44

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