[IP-4-LIPS] Proposal for Improving LIPS. Move discussions to Github

Hello ML,

Very nice on having a LIPs process. We’d (our team) really love to contribute on the technical development of the Lisk blockchain and in our opinion we believe this LIPs process needs a little bit of polishing. In particular the discussion part.

Lisk proclaims itself as bringing simplicity to the blockchain world. Which is a wonderful plan and one of the reasons why we are in this project. Things in order to be used by average Joe should be simple.

For this reason we don’t believe that using a tool like Mailing Lists is a great approach. The reason behind is that as far as this is a proven method that works/worked for many projects (e.g. Linux), it might not be the most efficient for Lisk, it’s simply not as accessible as other available methods, excluding many minds from the Improvement Proposals flow.

What we have seen in the last days is that we have big chunks of communications and ideas that are getting lost around the internet. In this ML only 3 externals besides LiskHQ have been “involved” in the LIPs discussion, while on other channels we have huge conversations going on. The problem being that on the “official” channel we have not so much activity, where in the meanwhile in the “unofficial channels for discussing LIPs” we have a :fire:hot conversation, which sadly, due to it’s nature of being a chat, not everybody can read hundreds of messages every 2 hours, meaning in a timespan of 3 hours the essence of the messages get lost. Do you see the issue?

My proposal in order to attempt to solve this problem is to create a separate Github repository, perhaps named LIPs-discussions and try to port the discussions there, where each issue is a LIP discussion.